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Titre: Contribution à l'étude des combretaceae dans les formations végétales de la région est du Burkina Faso
Auteur(s): Thiombiano, Adjima
Mots-clés: Soil
East Region
Burkina Faso
Date de publication: 18-jui-1996
Editeur: Université de Ouagadougou
Résumé: The study of Combretaceae is realized in the East Region of Burkina Faso; this area extend between the latitudes 13°35' and 10°57' North and the longitudes 0°20' and 2°20'East. It has a fondamental aspect based on morphology and anatomy of 16 species and a practical aspect dealing their ecology and their socio-economical interest. The morphology study based on the description of species, gave the possibility to carry out the qualitatives and quantitatives variables of each one. Anatomical works are mainly based on the nature of constitutive tissues for each vegetative organe (caule, petiol, lamina and root) of the 16 species and on the wood structure of some of them. 32 illustration pictures and 3 keys of identification contribute for a best determination of each species morphologicaly and anatomicaly. The structures of wood observed permit charcoal identification. The ecology of Combretaceae is studied through a phytosociological approch partly based on the sigmatiste method or the zürich-montpellier method of BRAUN-BLANQUET (1932). It give the possibility to show c1early the repartition of the Combretaceae's grouping taking in account to the soil characteristics and climatic zones. At all195 relevés distribued on a north-southern transect of 340 km length and 50 km wide, have placed in a prominent position 18 groupings of Combretceae in the East Region of Burkina Faso. This work shows c1early enough the differential species for each of these groupings so established. An inquiry hold on 206 persons have permit to collect much informations related to socio-economic importance of each of the 16 Combretaceae species in the gourmantché society.
Pagination / Nombre de pages: 266
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Collection(s) :Thèses soutenues

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