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Titre: Cultural (IM) balances: towards self- discovery in Chika Unigwe’s night dancer
Auteur(s): Momha Ateba, Carole
Directeur(s): Che Neba, Divine
Mots-clés: Multicultural context
Language classroom
Cultural tolerance
"Chika Unigwe‟s night dancer
Date de publication: 2016
Editeur: Université de Yaoundé I
Résumé: This work, entitled, “Cultural Imbalances: Towards Self-Discovery in Chika Unigwe‟s Night Dancer,” examines the disparity between conflicting cultures. It proceeds to investigate how the ability to discern cultures leads to the definition of true self. The work equally highlights the fact that most cultures in the world have been altered as a result of colonisation and imperialism. It further shows how a text on cultures can bring about integration in the language classroom. The work as well proposes a platform for examining differences in the ESL/EFL classroom. The work operates on the assumption that, comprehending conflicting cultures is a base towards self-realisation. Informed by Postcolonialism, New Historicism and Gender Criticism, the work concludes that, the best way to live in a society with different cultural ideologies is to develop a positive hybridity. Also, individuals in a multicultural context should develop the spirit of cultural tolerance as a means of accommodating others.
Pagination / Nombre de pages: 75
URI/URL: https://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12177/4767
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